The ToothKeepers concept follows the fundamental principles of primary health care, with regards to developing a mechanism for both patients and practitioners to meet at a realisation that is purposed to keep teeth for life.

Although this may not be possible, due to accidents, dental abnormalities and congenital disorders of dentition. The intervention program created by ToothKeepers for the majority of people will undoubtedly give teeth the clinical advantage over the most prevalent oral pathologies that exist in the world today, it would further empower people with the knowledge, skills and tools required to ensure optimal oral health.

ToothKeepers is a way of life for people and a practical philosophy of treatment for dental professionals. Most people access dental services when they are in pain or have a visible or immediate dental emergency. The dental profession is thus characterised by a needs based approach to treatment and access, with many who associate pain with a dental visit due to pain that initiated the dental visit and interventions that are invasive and painful.

Toothkeepers intends to create a paradigm shift in the perception people have regarding oral health and dental care services both from a patient perspective and a practitioners approach to oral health. Toothkeepers is not about being prescriptive to patients or practitioners, rather it is a support system that underpins the goals of sound oral health.

Dentistry can be fun, moreover as the ToothKeepers program and philosophy is one that is geared to prevent, protect and preserve teeth for life. Pain can easily be avoided altogether.